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Al-Farooq School

Education Programs


Since years ago, the ICRM is providing an educational services for the Islamic community in Rolla. Among these educational services is the Qur’an school, Al-Farooq Arabic school, Tajweed sessions, and Arabic language sessions.


Kids Qur`an School 
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The first class was held in 2010 when Mr. Abdussalam
Mohamed, a former petroleum engineering graduate student, set
in a corner of the old Masjid teaching Quran for a few number of
kids. The Qur’anic School’s goal is to teach the Muslim children
how to recite Quran as well as memorize some Surah’s (chapters)
through which children could learn some of the teachings of Islam
such as prayers. The timing for the Qur’anic School is Friday which
children come after school as well as their volunteer teachers
to start classes which is about two hours. During the study, the
students get to know each other and in the time of prayer, kids
start lining up in a straight lines for prayer then afterwards snacks.
These activities is to strengthen the ties between the people of
the Muslim community in Rolla. In Ramadan, Qur’anic school
supervisors hold a competition for all students to evaluate the
students’ level and the winners get awards.

The idea of the Arabic school in Rolla (MO) started in 2009. Later, in one of the preliminary meetings for the Libyan Student Association (LSA), Dr. Mahmoud El Sharafi shared an idea of establishing an Arabic school providing a complete Arabic education. The main idea
related to Arabic school is to keep the children in touch with their
mother language. Therefore, those children who is returning back
to their countries will not find a big gap between them and their
fellows, especially in Arabic Language. The school opened its
doors with only two grades (first grade, and second grade) under a
supervision of four full time female volunteers. In 2012 the school
was named AL-Farouk Elementary School and was completely
managed by student volunteers who continued to provide a
complete Arabic education in all subjects for all grades. The total
enrollment in this year 2014-2015 is about 45 students, and about
16 student volunteered to teach in these secessions on Sundays.

Women Qur`an Clase
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Women Quran class has been started on 2012 when the former
ICRM Da’wah Coordinator, Musa Albousifi, insisted to find a special
educational program and social activity organized by women at
the old building. He has done a nice job for arrangement with
Qur’anic teacher, and with encouraging several people to bring
their families to attend the classes. The class started with a few
participants at the beginning. However, the class currently taking
place at the new ICRM building every Friday at the same time
of kids Quran class with about 12 participants, approximately.
Women gathering at the ICRM building for social gathering also.
They prepare some dishes from their countries share their experience life in Rolla and US, cleaning the Masjid, arranging women party, visiting sick people, and many other activities that make them comfortable in this city.

Special Sessions

The special sessions of ICRM generally organized occasionally. These sessions include an Arabic Language classes for non-Arabic speakers, Arabic calligraphy, and Tajweeed sessions. The announcement about these sessions will be posted on the ICRM website and social media and then distributed among the registered list of ICRM. Some of these sessions like the Arabic calligraphy organized with sponsorship and supervision of the Muslim Student Association at Missouri S&T. 

Preschool and Child care

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