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Our Mission


We certainly, as God  (Allah) conscious people, are to promote the oneness of God (Allah) and the excellence and commonality of the human family and have that serve as our foundation to produce a model, stable, productive, and balanced Islamic Community as per the holy book of Quran and the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Therefore, ICRM shall:


A. Enable the Muslim Community to carry out the following Islamic activities in the pursuit of Islam as a complete way of life:


      i. Conduct the five daily prayers (Salat).

     ii. Observe congregational Islamic festivals at appropriate times.

     iii. Strengthen fraternal bonds and relations among Muslims.

     iv. Conduct seminars and study circles (halaqaat) to enhance the knowledge of Islam.

     v. Maintain an active charity program.

    vi. Strive to make the ICRM as an anchor in the lives of Muslims in Rolla and surrounding communities.


B. Provide a platform to foster Islamic values and educate the Muslim children to ensure a new generation of practicing Muslims.


C. Engender cordial relations between Muslims and people of other faiths to promote a true understanding of Islam. ICRM welcomes followers of other faiths to participate in its educational and social activities.


D. Maintain cooperation with local, regional and national Muslim organizations.


E. Establish and maintain an endowment (Waqf) to ensure the financial sustainability of the ICRM.


F. Publicly represent Islam and Muslims in the region.


G. Establish and sustain a vibrant Da'wah program (propagation of Islam).


H. Adopt policies and exercise any and all powers which are lawful for the ICRM to adopt and execute to accomplish its purpose.

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