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Welcome to our Masjid



Islamic Center of Rollo Missouri {ICRM} welcomes all members of our Muslim community to benefit from the services that are offered by the ICRM. The Executive Committee hereby referred to as "Committee': has established policies for using the Islamic Center facilities. It is the responsibility of everyone to follow these policies. If these policies are not followed, we may have to ask you to leave the property and if needed call law enforcement to intervene. This applies equally to everyone using the ICRM.



  • Please restrain yourself from using loud voice inside the Center especially between Adhan and end of prayers.

  • All Muslims including children age seven or older must be dressed according to Islamic dress code at the Center. (All men should dress

  • Appropriately and women should cover the head appropriately when visiting the ICRM.)

  • All users of the facility must take-off shoes when entering the prayer hall. Shoes should be placed on shoe racks.

  • Parents are expected to control their children and instruct them proper Etiquettes in the masjid, particularly during sala h, lectures, and Friday khutba (sermon). Children should not use their toys inside the musallah (prayer area). Parents should keep their children under their supervision at all times.

  • Parents will be responsible for any damage of the masjid property or any personal injuries caused to their child/children or others.

  • No individual or group is allowed to distribute, sell, loitering, or panhandling on the premises of masjid without prior approval from the committee.

  • No individual or group is allowed to distribute on masjid proprieties any leaflets, books, flyers, brochures, and pamphlets, etc., religious or otherwise without the prior approval of the committee.

  • Nobody is allowed to collect donations and/or deliver any type of speech and any other activity without prior approval of the Committee.

  • No books or the Holy Quran is to be added to the library or removed from the Center without permission of the Da'awh Coordinator.

  • No one is allowed to hold classes or meetings at ICRM without permission of the Committee. This approval can be obtained by writing a letter to the Committee who will review the request and reply in writing

  • Reserved ICRM facilities should be cleaned and organized after use.     Please use the reservation forms to make reservation in advance.

  • Smoking is not allowed on Islamic Center of Rolla Missouri premises; this includes the entire property within the surrounded area.

  • Sleeping overnight in the masjid is not allowed except l'tikaaf during the month of Ramadan, unless for special circumstance approved by the Executive Committee.


  • No music on ICRM's property is allowed. Cell phones must be switched off or set to silent mode.

  • Vehicles parked without PARKING PERMIT, par ked improperly, parked extended period of time without permission, or outside the praying times (for 30 minutes area) on a regular basis will be considered in violation of ICRM parking regulations and such vehicle will be ticketed and towed away at the owner's expense.

  • Parents are fully responsible for picking-up and dropping-off the children on time especially after classes, and children's behavior and actions during the time they spend at the Center.

  • Anyone requiring using ICRM phone shall get permission of the Property Manager.

  • No items should be donated to the ICRM without prior approval of the Property Manager, and any item stored in the building without prior permission will be thrown out.

  • ICRM tools and equipment cannot be borrowed or used without the approval of the Property Manager.

  • No food or drink is allowed inside the prayer a rea.

  • Prayer lqama times shall be determined by the Committee.

  • Kitchen, refrigerator and storage area is to be used after permission from the ICRM executive committee.

  • All announcements using the microphone should be made with prior permission from the ICRM executive committee.



Please show your respect by following these rules and polices so that you and others have a peaceful and spiritual experience at the Islamic Center of Rolla Missouri.


Thank you.

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