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The purpose of this Fundraising Policy and Procedure is to provide comprehensive fundraising criteria and guidelines in the spirit of the Islamic Center of Rolla Missouri (ICRM) mission and constitution, to promote ICRM operation and to protect its viability.

If you plan to request a fundrasing event at ICRM, Please read the policy and fill the form.






  • ICRM may provide venues and premises for fundraising to legitimate charitable entities that qualify as public charities under section 501 (c) (3) of the United States Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Code, at the sole discretion of the ICRM board. The current IRS database of organizations eligible to receive tax-deductible charitable contributions is available at


  • The fundraising would be for community building projects, social services, educational projects, natural disasters and catastrophes. Fundraising preference, specially during the holy month of Ramadan, will be for the ICRM [Rolla Area Muslim Community] Projects.


  • All fundraising requests should be submitted (using fundraising application request form) at least month and half (6 weeks) prior to the event. A response will be sent out to the organization within 2 weeks after providing all of the requested documents.


  • ICRM allows only one fundraising per calendar year for each organization.


  • ICM has the privilege to cancel or reschedule any fundraising due to last minute commitments and unpredicted occasions. In that case, requesting organization would be notified in advance no later than one week closer to the actual fundraising date.


  • Failure to comply with one or all of these regulations may result in consequences up to and including forfeiture of funds collected.




The following documents need to be submitted (preferred via email along with Application to Fundraise in ICRM) at the time of request:


  • IRS tax exemption certificate [501(c) (3) statement].


  • Certificate of incorporation in home state.


  • Signed letter of intent for fundraising on organization’s letter head.


  • The ICRM Da’wah Committee Coordinator shall be notified and agreed if the requested date is Friday, and the fundraiser (Imam or representative) is leading the Friday (Jumu’ah) sermon. The sermon/Khutbah shall focus on Iman, Quran and Sunnah attributes. The sermon shall be devoid of any political message.


  • The announcement to introduce the external organization/person will be made by ICRM President or representative.


  • All literature (brochures, flyers, pamphlets) to be used or distributed for fundraising purposes shall be pre-approved by ICRM President or his/her designee before its distribution to the congregation. The material will be placed in the entrance on a table outside the prayer hall. No posters, flyers, etc. are permitted to be tapped or pinned on any walls through the ICRM facility.


  • The collected donations will be deposited into ICRM accounts, then a check for the total amount will be mailed to the fundraising organization (the check will be written to the legal name of the organization as provided in the legal documents).

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